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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Maintaining Your Roof Over Time

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As experienced Rockland County roofing experts, we've seen extensive damage done to homes as a result of poorly maintained roofs. The unfortunate reality of roofing is that everything from sunlight and rain to fungus and pests will degrade a roof over time. As a homeowner, you're not powerless against this, but you need to pay regular attention to the condition of your home's exterior. Ignoring any issues will only increase the cost of repairs exponentially in the future. Your roof is the most important component in your protection from outside elements, so you should always take care of it before tackling any other home improvement project.

The best way to maintain your roof's quality is through regular inspections and cleaning. Whether you hire a professional or do the job yourself, you need to make sure your roof, fascia and all gutters are free of any debris at least twice per year. The extreme variance in temperatures that occur in our area are an additional aggravating factor, so make sure to perform inspections at opposite times of the year.

Organic growth can be one of the most damaging results of an uncleaned roof. Algae feeds on tiny organic debris in moist places that make up the nooks and crannies of your roof's surface.

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Lichens live symbiotically with the algae to create a network of invasive roots that can severely damage the integrity of the roofing materials. Moss, much like in the woods, thrives in shaded areas, usually the north side of the roof. It can prevent your roof from drying, degrading the materials even further.

While preventing organic growth will be your first priority, it may not always be successful. This is when more intensive cleaning measures come in, and you have a few different options to try. Chemicals will be the most popular option for commercial roof cleaning contractors. Each business will likely have their own chemical formula, but we don't recommend trusting anything other than baking soda. Some owners attempt to remove organic debris by scraping and brushing. This method results in the removal of essential roofing granules, so we don't recommend this. We think the most successful method of cleaning involves using a very low pressure but high volume hose with very gentle brushing. Too high of a pressure and the hose may damage your roof. The key to this process is to always remain gentle.

The upfront costs of cleaning a roof with heavy organic debris can be more than a $1,000, but you should only need to budget a few hundred dollars per year for regular cleaning afterwards. If you keep your roof properly maintained and cleaned, you can expect it to last up to 50 years, and you'll save a lot of money.

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