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Applying for a roofing permit is essential not only for homeowners who want to abide by local laws, but for those who want to ensure that their warranties and insurance policies are valid as well. Without a roofing permit, it can be difficult to enforce these documents and homeowners may even face fines for being in violation of local ordinances. Whether the homeowner or their chosen Rockland County roofing professional is the one applying, getting a roofing permit is usually a simple matter.

The first step to applying for a roofing permit is to visit the local building authority. Most areas have a building authority located in the county's main building department. This organization exercises authority over all commercial and residential building projects in the area. For this reason, getting a permit is usually a straightforward task. However, each building authority has a unique set of rules and policies to follow in order to gain approval. From fees to inspection policies, it is important to speak with a representative from the local building authority to determine exactly what is required. Fortunately, most local governments post such information on their websites to expedite the process of filing and to save applicants multiple trips. In some cases, the relevant permits may even be available to file online.

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In most cases, the local building authority requires a set of plans for the work the homeowner or roofing contractor intends to have done. Based on these plans, the authority then determines the extent of the inspection and fees required. In some cases, authorities may only require a permit, while others require in depth inspections to ensure that the project is safe. While permits are required for most larger jobs, such as roof replacement, installation and repair, minor repairs often do not require a permit or an inspection. These requirements can vary significantly even within the same county if the county is broken into smaller towns with separate authorities, so it is essential to get this information from the correct authority.

The turnkey approach is a viable option for busy homeowners who simply do not have the time to apply for roofing permits. On larger repairs and installations, it is common for the roofing contractor to manage the permits with this service often included in the standard service rate. All reputable contractors obtain the proper permits before beginning work, so both the homeowner and the contracting company are properly protected.

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