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Roofing is every home's first line of defense against rain, sunlight, hail, snow and other elemental damage. While there are a wide variety of roofing styles to choose from, some are a better fit than others for homes with certain characteristics. From the local climate to cost and aesthetic appeal, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right type of roof. Rockland County roofing professionals can assist when choosing between these popular roofing styles.

Flat roofs are by far one of the most popular styles and for good reason. Flat roofs are the simplest to construct and often require the least maintenance. This simple roofing style also makes it easy to add a rooftop garden or other amenities. The most significant drawback to flat roofs is that they require a more complex waterproofing treatment since they do not drain well. An improperly waterproofed roof can result in premature wear and rot. Similar in appearance to flat roofs, shed or skillion roofs are heavily slanted on one side and designed with a single, flat plane. Due to the slope, shed roofs can drain easily and improve upon the biggest weakness of flat roofs.

Mansard roofs are known for their crisp, iconic look that utilizes two slopes. The lower slope is always steeper than the upper slope on a Mansard roof and creates a design that offers plenty of room for a spacious attic or even an upper floor.

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The similar gambrel roof utilizes vertical gables that extend sharply over the front of the house. Both of these styles are popular due to their elegant appearances and uniform features.

While most roofing styles focus on crisp, clean lines, domed roofing offers a unique design for the adventurous homeowner. Similar to simpler arched or curved roofs, domed roofs adorn a home with a smooth, circular shape. The greatest benefit to domed roofing is that it adds a high end feeling to any upper story. Other homeowners may choose to incorporate a domed roof into an open floor plan with a brilliant overhead dome that overlooks all stories. Due to the complex nature of their construction, domed and arched roofs are significantly more expensive than their flat plane roof counterparts.

From the simplicity of flat and shed roofs to the elegance of a domed roof, there are plenty of options available to homeowners searching for the perfect way to complete their houses. A roof not only protects the home's interior from the elements but can add a significant sense of style to the property as well.

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