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When your home is ready for a reroofing project, there's a lot of preparation that needs to be done by both the homeowners and contractors. The Rockland County roofing contractors must obtain the proper permits and materials for the job ahead. The homeowner, on the other hand, needs to physically prepare their property's exterior. Workers' pathways and material storage will be part of your property for a few days, so it's important to properly prepare your home to prevent damage to your personal belongings.

There are many accessories that might be attached to your rooftop, including satellite dishes. Before the roofers arrive, it's a smart strategy to schedule service from a dish professional. These technicians can remove or reposition the satellite dish so that you won't lose any television programming during the project. In some cases, however, it will need to be removed entirely from the structure. The roofers can remove the dish if necessary, but they won't have the expertise to reposition it properly.

Solar panels are another type of rooftop accessory that requires removal before a reroofing project. In some cases, the contractor doing the reroofing may be the same person who installed your panels. If this is so, the roofers can remove and reattach the panels as necessary. Alternatively, you can hire an experienced technician for the panel removal. These components are tough, but they can be damaged when they're mishandled.

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Your focus should shift to the ground level after dealing with the rooftop's accessories. Take a look around the yard, and remove any items that are reasonably lightweight. Potted plants, patio furniture and barbecue items should be stored in a shed or garage during the roofing project. If any items fall from the roof, they can damage belongings below. Clearing the yard of most items also allows the roofers to move easily around the property, which is important because they will need to access almost every corner of the structure.

However, it's impossible to remove every item from the ground. If you have valuable roses or other permanent plant life, consider covering them with a tarp. Although heavy items may still strike the area, reputable roofers will try to avoid this scenario. Dust and lightweight debris will be caught by the tarp as it protects the plants below.

Although roofers do their best to prevent items from falling off of the roof, accidents can happen. In fact, the roof's rise will often determine how likely it is that items will fall off of the surface. If possible, keep everyone inside or off of the property during the roofing project. Both the homeowners and roofers will have a safe project as a result.

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