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You may be vigilant about keeping your home's mechanics well-maintained; however, forgetting to routinely maintain your roof can result in serious issues such as leaks, which could potentially lead to a whole host of other problems. While a Rockland County roofing company is always ready to help when you have a roofing emergency, knowing how to perform simple maintenance on your roof can extend its life and keep you and your loved ones safe in between professional roofing care.

Before beginning any maintenance on your roof, there is one big safety tip that should always be followed. You should never walk around on the shingles of your roof. Not only is this dangerous in general, you can also damage the shingles, which will then need to be replaced.

There are several ways to perform an inspection of your roof. You can visually inspect your roof from a neighboring property or use a ladder to get closer. It may also be a good idea to walk around the edge of your home looking for any shingles or tiles that might have fallen from your roof. Cracked or missing tiles is a good indication that your roof needs some work.

With this in mind, keeping your roof in good condition is partially about removing any debris that fell during a storm or when strong winds came through. Clearing your roof of debris helps to keep the overall weight down and reduces any potential risk of collapse.

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Your roof should be inspected regularly for any tree limbs or branches that have fallen into the roof valley or roof area. You will also want to remove any snow that sticks as this allows ice to buildup underneath. Two feet of snow on an average roof can weigh 19 tons. To remove snow, it is recommended that you use a roof rake while standing on the ground. Additionally, be careful when using any tools as they could damage the shingles.

The next biggest step is to ensure that your gutters are clear of leaves and other debris. If the gutters get clogged, water cannot be drawn away from the roof. The water could overflow onto ground below or cause other problems to the roof, including weak spots that ultimately could leak.

Finally, if you find that you are missing shingles, it is imperative for the integrity of your roof that those shingles are replaced as soon as possible. If you are handy, you can replace the shingles yourself. If you do plan on making the repairs yourself, it is recommended that you have extra shingles and any other materials that you need on hand so that those repairs can be completed quickly. Otherwise, you should contact your trusted roofer immediately to reduce the risk of extensive damage.

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