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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Re-roof Or Tear Off?

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Homeowners often have to balance the financial costs of a new roof installation with the type of roof that is best for their home as well as the best method of installation. While many people opt for a common asphalt shingle roof, there are also other roofing materials that can be extremely cost effective. For example, a metal roof might cost more initially, but in the long term, it can be an excellent value because of its longer lifespan. Additionally, re-roofing is often a good way to save on the cost of a new roof, but it generally isn't a very good long-term option.

Rockland County roofing contractors often recommend a tear off. Of course, re-roofing can certainly help reduce the up-front cost of a new roof, which can be very helpful for those who have limited financial resources, but it does have some drawbacks. For example, the extra roofing materials can result in higher utility bills. Additionally, hidden damage, such as a deck that has mold or insect damage, could go undetected when a new roof is installed over the old one. Another common problem with re-roofing is that the roof takes on a less aesthetically pleasing look.

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The roof cap is often more rounded, and eaves have a thicker appearance because of the extra bulk. Of course, re-roofing is certainly better than leaving your home unprotected with a leaking roof. It can also make sense for anyone who only needs a short-term roofing solution.

If a tear off is possible, this is generally a homeowner's best option. For one thing, a complete tear off of the existing roofing materials is the best way to allow your roofing contractor to inspect the deck and make sure there are no problems that need to be fixed. It also provides an excellent opportunity to put down a new underlayment to help protect your roof from moisture. Additionally, with a tear off, you'll be able to get a roof that not only looks better but will also provide many more years of reliable protection. Unfortunately, when new shingles are installed over an old roof, they typically have a much shorter life expectancy.

A tear off will cost more than re-roofingat least the initial investment will be higher. However, with the added expense of paying for the old materials to be removed, a homeowner also gets more energy-efficient cooling. Of course, even if you choose to save money with re-roofing, the next time your home needs a new roof, you'll pay more to have the extra shingles removed.

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