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Autumn is a beautiful season, but homeowners may feel as though they have their hands full when they try to stay on top of debris maintenance. The falling leaves that come with the season need to be taken care of quickly. If they're not, individuals may need to perform more extensive cleaning and maintenance procedures in the future. It can be easy to forget to clean up after the leaves, but homeowners who neglect to do so may need to contact the Rockland County roofing specialists to have more extensive damage removed. Consider some of the following reasons to stay on top of leaf-cleaning duties when the trees start to turn red.

To begin, falling leaves can result in blockages along gutters and eavestroughs, which can lead to larger clogs within the downspout. Though a small amount can be negligible, homeowners should make sure to schedule some type of maintenance on a relatively regular basis. Fallen leaves can block the flow of meltwater from the gutters, resulting in backed-up water and potential overflows, which can lead to the degradation of the roof's materials.

Additionally, there may be local residential building codes that prevent individuals from leaving leaves and other debris on their property. These codes exist to prevent the lawn from cluttering up and local winds from blowing the leaves over to the neighbors.

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If homeowners do not comply with these laws and regulations, they may need to pay fines or face other liability issues. Keeping up with the local laws and ordinances can help homeowners avoid unnecessary fees and issues in the neighborhood.

If dead leaves are allowed to accumulate on the roof's surface, they may end up rotting. As the leaves rot, they trap moisture between their layers, which can lead to extensive problems for the roof. Fallen leaves can carry all types of diseases as well, and the moisture damage can result in rot along the shingles. In the most extensive situations of wear and damage, homeowners may deal with problems such as ice damming and freezing on the roof's surface.

A little bit of diligence can provide homeowners with all of the protection they need from debris damage. All trees with branches that hang over a roof should be trimmed and pruned regularly, as these are typically the prime culprits of leaf damage. Additionally, homeowners should also be sure to remove leaves that are already on the roof's surface as soon as possible, especially if they have been neglecting the task.

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