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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Repairing Vs Replacing Roofs

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When confronted with damaged Rockland County roofing, many homeowners would rather repair their buildings than pay for complete overhauls. While their desire to save money is certainly understandable, such strategies aren't always the most economical.

Making roofing repairs when you really need a replacement can just result in more problems. For instance, if you have water damage that is spreading to regions hidden from your sight, fixing the obvious spots is only going to delay the inevitable. Eventually, you'll end up sinking thousands into repairs that seem to go on forever.

Of course, that's not to say that you can't stretch your household maintenance budget further by being judicious about your repairs and renovations. You simply need to make intelligent, informed decisions about how best to deal with existing roof damage. Here are some guidelines on deciding whether to repair or replace.

First, you need to get an understanding of the true extent of the damage. This means that you have to hire a roofer who can perform a close examination of all affected areas. Your contractor shouldn't stop until they've traced any outstanding problems back to their sources, so don't settle for spot diagnoses or on-the-fly judgements. With some roofing issues like leaks and other water-related problems, non-invasive, infrared imaging may even be necessary.

Why must preliminary inspections be so thorough? Roofs are highly interconnected systems; even those that appear simplistic incorporate a number of layers and distinct building materials that work together to perform an array of functions.

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Although the tiles and shingles that you can see appear to be discrete components, the decking beneath these elements is usually connected across larger areas. Damage from one isolated spot can easily spread until it compromises your whole roof.

For instance, the small leaks you've discovered inside your attic may be affecting other components, like your roof insulation. In many cases, the symptoms you've noticed will be indicative of multiple problems that are hard to distinguish. Your initial assessment must be performed by an expert who understands the many signs of damage and what they all mean.

Only after the true nature of the damage has been determined should you choose whether to repair or replace your roof. In addition to considering the future cost of successive fixes, remember that if you're going to be selling your home, you may get a higher price with a fresh roof. Other important issues to think about include the fact that your new roof might come with a warranty that pays for itself over time by providing you with some fiscal protection. By keeping the long game in mind, you'll find it far easier to get value out of your home, no matter what your plans are.

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