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If you are replacing your old, worn roofing, using slate materials can help you achieve an attractive, long-lasting look for the roof. When you hire a Rockland County roofing contractor to install your new slate roofing, make sure they are properly licensed. A good way to find out if they are credible is to ask as many sources as you can. Take them up on their offer of a free inspection and estimate to help you determine whether they are professional and honest when dealing with clients.

Because it lasts so long, a costly slate roof is a large investment for any family. It is one that needs to be researched fully and extensively. If a contractor is telling you that you need to replace your entire roofing because of worn out nails, you might want to reconsider hiring them; often, nails alone don't necessitate a full replacement. If your roof must be replaced, however, the roofing nails on your existing slate roof might be recyclable on a new roof. It depends on how long they have been there and what their condition is. If you have many leaking spots on your roof, there is a good chance that the nails are no longer usable; these nails might be rusty and easily broken into pieces.

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Should your nails look normal, it is often wise to ask the contractor if they can reuse the nails on your new roof. This can save you money on your final bill.

Another sign that your contractor isn't suitable for the job is if they tell you to replace your entire roof because the underlayment is worn down; in this case, you should investigate further and get a second opinion. However, damaged underlayment is still a cause for concern. Once a slate roof shingle is nailed into your roof, the protective paper underneath is degraded. The nail holes in the paper tear it and make the entire thing weaker. If you have ever put several pencil holes in a sheet of paper, you will know how easy it is to rip. Imagine this piece of paper holding slate rock on top of it. For this reason, make sure that the installer is using strong paper underneath your roofing when you get the underlayment replaced. Water-resistant paper will do a much better job than regular felt paper, so ask your installer about their process.

The only reason why you should be thinking about replacing an existing slate roof is if the slate is worn down considerably. Slate roofs last for more than 100 years given that they are taken care of properly every year. If the weather conditions are not terrible in the area, the roof could last for two generations.

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