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Houses that are located in damp and shaded places are prone to the development of moss clumps and algae on their roofs. These organisms are unattractive to look at from the curb. In addition to their unsightly appearance, these growths can also cause problems for the roof's performance and structural integrity. Experienced Rockland County roofing contractors offer inspections to determine the extent of the unwanted growth and solutions for how to get rid of them.

Certain areas of a rooftop are more prone to algae and moss growth than others. The home's north side is most likely to have these organisms because there is less direct sunlight to kill the spores and dry out the shingles. Roof valleys are another common place for the growths to occur. This is because these sections of the roof are exposed to more moisture. Homeowners may also see moss growing on parts of a roof with a shallow slope. This is due to poor drainage. Roofers will also check the underside of the roof for moss and mildew growth. This includes the fascia, soffits, gutters and downspouts. It is important to get rid of the growths because the roots of moss can cause shingles to split or rot.

The stains from algae or moss can detract from the home's resale value, which is why many homeowners wish to have the stains removed.

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This work should only be done by contractors who are familiar with the task. The roofers can apply a bleach solution to eliminate current colonies of moss and algae. They can also use biodegradable detergents to remove some of the stains. Another solution that roofers may use is to install copper or zinc strips along the upper portions of the rooftop and in its valleys. The copper strips lose a few molecules of copper each time it rains. The copper molecules are toxic to the roof growths. None of the homeowner's landscaping will be damaged because the gutters will collect the rainwater and divert it into the stormwater collection system.

Once a current moss or algae problem is under control, homeowners can take action to prevent a recurrence. One way is to trim back tree branches so that they do not provide as much shade over the roof's surface. Property owners can also arrange for regular roof and gutter maintenance. Removing built-up leaves, pine needles and tree branches helps to facilitate rainwater drainage and allows the shingles to fully dry out more rapidly.

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