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There are many reasons why you may need a roof inspection. Perhaps, you're looking to move and you need a roof inspection as part of the sale process or you need it for insurance purposes. Maybe you want to stay proactive and get your roof inspected as part of your yearly roof maintenance plan. Whatever your reasoning is, consulting with your trusted Rockland County roofing professionals is critical in assuring the most thorough job possible.

Many roofers, like Precision Roofing, Inc., specialize in roof inspections as part of their overall services, which may range from roof repair and installation to gutters and siding. Whether you're a residential homeowner or commercial business owner, your roof will need some TLC at regular intervals throughout its life span.

So why exactly do you need a roof inspection? An inspection can catch small issues that you can address now before they grow into more complex repair jobs later, which includes leaks, missing or torn shingles, and areas of rot. You can count on an experienced roofer in your area who is specifically trained in roof inspection and holds all the necessary licenses, insurance and certifications. When you invite a roof inspector to your home, you should expect a few things from the process. First, your inspector should provide you with a full report on his or her findings, which will encompass areas of concerns and suggestions on further corrective action if needed.

Your roofing inspector will give you a baseline examination of your roof and determine the existing condition.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding shingle replacement or PVC roofing.

This involves inspection of all aspects of the roof, from eaves and shingles to gutter systems and flashing. Problems found with any of these components can get worse over time if not addressed right away, especially when leaks due to improper flashing installation and insufficient waterproofing are concerned. If left un-repaired, leaks can cause structural damage and mold growth two things you never want in your home.

An inspector may also provide you with a cost estimate for repairing the roof or for installing a new one if required. To detect problem areas not typically seen by the naked eye such as leaks under the shingles, many inspectors use advanced technology such as infrared equipment. This equipment can uncover cracks, uneven seams and leaks. As part of the inspection, your professional will ensure all shingles are accounted for and properly attached, making sure there are no shingles that are torn, cracked, peeling or loose. Related components to the proper functioning of the roof are also analyzed such as flashing, valleys, dormers, ridges, hips, roof rake edges, skylights and drainage systems.

Often working in parallel with insurance adjusters and real estate agents, roofing inspectors can provide detailed reports on any damage or loss that may have occurred due to a specific incident. Hiring a qualified roofer is critical to ensuring a long life span for your home.

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