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Not all roof leaks are obvious. Water stains on interior ceilings and walls certainly hint that there's a problem, but some of the other signs property owners notice might not bring leaks to mind. Rockland County roofing professionals cite these roof symptoms as reasons to keep an eye out for leaks.

Damaged shingles may not immediately lead to leaks, but they do damage the roof's ability to keep water out. There are many different types of shingle damage, including buckling, blistering, curling, and missing granules. Property owners who notice any shingle damage at all should either inspect the roof or call a professional roofer to perform an inspection. Early detection can decrease the difficulty and costs associated with shingle replacement.

Flashing, which is used as a seal around roof protrusions like chimneys and skylights, can also become damaged. On newer roofs, this is often the result of improper or careless installation. On older roofs, it can be caused by drying and cracking that occurs over time. Roof protrusions are among the weakest parts of a roof, and any damage to the flashing may be enough to admit water. Damaged flashing can often be repaired or replaced without having to repair or replace the surrounding roof. Improper installation of skylights can have a similar impact to that of damaged flashing.

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In addition to damaged shingles and flashing, the presence of algae and mold may indicate that your roof is leaking. Since algae and mold can only thrive in moist conditions, their presence means that there's consistent moisture on the roof. This may be in the form of ponding, which can happen when water gets trapped on the roof, or the moisture may be trapped in debris that's accumulated on the roof or in the gutters. Algae and mold can exacerbate the moisture problem that already exists and cause direct damage to shingles. Roofs that are made of organic materials, such as wood shingles or shakes, are prone to rotting, which is another symptom of consistent moisture. It occurs when the moisture gets trapped in the roof mat, which is beneath the shingle layer.

Maintaining shingles and keeping moisture from accumulating on the roof are two of the best ways to prevent leaks. Regular gutter and roof cleaning will help keep moisture at bay and extend the longevity of shingles, but over time, even the roofs with ideal maintenance routines may begin to leak. By keeping an eye out for these symptoms, property owners can identify roof problems before they require expensive repairs.

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