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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Roof Repair Vs. Replacement

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As a homeowner, you're probably limited in your knowledge of roofs. Therefore, how can you know whether your roof needs to be completely replaced or whether you can get away with a repair or patch job to extend its life? The first step is selecting a reputable Rockland County roofing professional like those at Precision Roofing. It takes skill and experience to perform roof inspections and make a valid assessment for repair vs. replacement.

If you notice a few shingles that have come loose or blown off due to excessive winds or a fallen limb that has damaged one area, you can simply replace those torn or loose shingles with new ones. Of course it helps if you have extra shingles lying around from your last roof job. If not, it will be difficult to match those shingles with the ones you currently have. That being said, many roofing contractors have access to extra shingles, very likely in the same shade you have already. These small repair jobs can extend the life of your roof for many more years, especially if it's a newer roof to begin with.

The issue gets a little more clouded when you are experiencing leaks, an aging gutter system or aging shingles. The typical life expectancy of a standard roof is about 20 years. If you've got a metal one, it can last up to three times that long. However, most homeowners are looking at a 20-year life span for their shingle roof.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing in Rockland County NY can answer questions regarding TPO roofing or shingle replacement.

If you're approaching that 20-year mark and you've done enough patchwork to look like a quilt, it's time to consider roof replacement rather than repair. The same is true for a gutter system that's in disrepair, eaves that are rotted out or damaged flashing.

If you've experienced damage just to one spot of the roof, you may want to invest in partial re-roofing rather than re-doing the whole roof, which will save you thousands of dollars. However, these partial jobs can cost more than you think, with a higher price tag per square. Also, you may end up with lopsided roofing as your original roof may have had a couple of layers of shingles to begin with. Stripping away just one section can make it difficult to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the roof, especially when it comes to ridges. A skilled roofer will be able to address this and provide a workable solution.

Consider the fact that you can save some cash by getting your whole roof done and take advantage of the crew being on site and ready to go with their equipment and scaffolding. If your roof is getting older and you're seeing signs of wear and tear, doing one repair now and another in a few years can end up costing you more money. Even if you think you just want to do a repair, always ask for a quote for a replacement roof. You may find that the quoted price is actually cheaper when done overall rather than piecemeal. If you have it in the budget, opt for the re-roofing job and keep more money in your wallet.

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