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If you think the color of your roof shingles is only about looks, you're wrong. Of course, aesthetics come into play here; however, appearance and complementary colors to your home aren't the only factors involved when selecting the right kind of shingles for your roof. Anything from climate to energy efficiency can be contributing factors to your decision. Consult with a Rockland County roofing professional throughout this process.

First, the weather where you live the good, the bad and the ugly must be considered when choosing a shingle color. If you live in a region such as New England that sees harsh, snowy winters, opt for dark shingles that trap in heat and help your home stay as warm as it can during those cold months. If you live in a sunny locale that gets a lot of heat the majority of the year, it's best to opt for light-colored shingles to reflect the rays of the sun and keep your home cooler. The shingle color you choose can directly affect your attic temperatures by up to 40 degrees, so this is an important decision to make when it comes to heating and cooling your house.

Don't discount curb appeal when deciding on shingle colors. This is where the vanity issue comes in. The roof color can make or break the overall look of your home.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding asphalt roofing or PVC roofing.

Choosing safe, neutral colors keeps your house stylish over the next couple of decades at least. To acheive this look, clay, gray, black, blue, cream, tan and brown work well. To add a bit of flair, considered incorporating a few different color combinations that work well together. Your roofing expert can help you stick to colors in the same family that complement one another.

Take into account the other exterior components of your home to ensure color coordination with brickwork, siding or stucco for example. For a traditional appearance, choose dark gray or black shingles on a white house; for a gray or blue house, dark gray and black are also a good combination. You can mix various shades of browns and creams for a brown or tan-colored house. For an uncommon house color such as green, yellow or red, you have more freedom with your shingle color choices. Good possibilities for these include a range of gray, black or brown shingles.

Look to your neighbor when choosing colors, too. While you don't want to mimic their roof exactly unless of course a neighborhood association requires uniformity you also don't want to clash with their house by going with a completely off-the-wall color. At the end of the day, your house has to be complementary to surrounding homes to ensure a consistent look and add value to the neighborhood.

Your roofing expert can help you make these decisions and more, so you can come up with the best color combination possible.

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