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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Roofer Preparation Steps

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Homeowners may have approved a roofing estimate, and they're currently waiting for a start date to be determined. Although waiting for any information can be frustrating, it's important to understand that Rockland County roofing professionals have several steps that they must complete before any work can begin. Consider these preparation tasks and their importance to your project.

One of the first tasks that roofers tackle is obtaining the proper permits. These permits allow the roofers to work legally on your structure. The contractors detail all of their proposed methods to the city or county, and the officials sign off on the work. From a legal perspective, no roofing project can begin until all of the permits are signed and approved. In most cases, the permits should be approved in only a few days.

As the permits are being looked over, the contractors collect the necessary materials for your project. Each roof has a unique square footage that must be appropriately covered. If you've requested any specialized materials, the roofers might need to order them. They'll keep you updated with the materials' progress through shipment. When the contractors have to wait for the materials, your project's timeline will be extended.

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A task that's often overlooked is the business of weather forecasting. Every region has varying weather that can affect a roof's final installation quality. Ideally, contractors want the seven-day forecast to be clear with average temperatures. Extreme heat, cold or rainy conditions aren't optimal, and your project might be postponed because of these issues. Workers need to be safe on the roof as the materials adequately cure under a warm sun.

Most roofing companies want to be able to complete a project within a few days. If your roof is particularly big, however, the time frame may be longer. To make any project a streamlined one, contractors arrange their workers' schedules according to the job at hand. A steep-slope project requires more workers for rotation during rest periods. Small and flat roofs won't need many roofers because the job is relatively simple. Your contractor must arrange all of these workers before the project begins.

As the project continues, you'll also notice that county officials will visit the site at least once. They verify the structural stability of the project as it's moving forward. Inspectors might look at structural joists or the shingles' orientations on the rooftop. These inspectors and reputable roofers are present to make your home as leak-free as possible.

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