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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Roofing and Homeowners Insurance

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If you're due to replace your Rockland County roofing, now is the perfect time to make choices that can lower the cost of your homeowners insurance. The roofing materials you choose affect your rates as does the amount of time a roof has been in service. You may get a bit of a discount simply by telling your insurer you've put on a brand-new roof. Choose the right roofing strategy, however, and you could save even more.

The first option for reducing insurance costs is to go metal. Roof truss and decking are both frequently made from wood. Wood, however, is susceptible to fire damage and gives way at much lower temperatures than steel. Choosing metal truss or a metal roofing system can reduce your homeowners insurance premiums by providing an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire.

Another option is to choose the right class of roofing materials. Roofing shingles and other materials are given a grade between 1 and 4 with 1 being the weakest and 4 the strongest. Class 4 shingles and materials are much more resistant to impact from hail, tree limbs and other debris. They are also much less likely to experience a blow-off. Some insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners who choose class 4 materials since they are less likely to file a claim later.

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The use of these materials can save you up to 20%.

Once your new roof has been installed, you can save yourself money by not filing a claim. Insurance is meant to protect you, so if your roof is damaged after its installation and the repair bill is a big one, use your insurance as it's meant to be used. Consider covering the repair yourself, however, if it is a small one. As is true with car insurance, your homeowners insurance rates are likely to increase if you actually use the insurance. Decrease your odds of filing a claim by having your roof inspected every year and tackling small repair jobs out of pocket when you can.

Your roofing contractor can help direct you towards the materials and roofing strategies that are most likely to result in reduced insurance premiums for you. You can also call your insurance company directly and ask them if they offer any discounts for a new roof and find out what you need to do to benefit from them. Working together with your roofer and insurer could net you big savings, so it's worth investing a little time investigating.

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