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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Roofing and Severe Storm Preparation

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From strong winter gales to persistent hurricanes, severe storms can occur at almost any time of year. Your home might be under a weather warning right now, and it's critical to prepare the structure for any potential damages. The roof is extremely vulnerable to damages from wind, hail and heavy rains. If you're preparing for an incoming storm, understand some of the steps that you should take so that your home is protected. Rockland County roofing professionals can be your repair partner when the storm abates.

Ask your trusted roofer for a rooftop evaluation well before a storm strikes the area. They can pinpoint any problematic areas, such as broken, cracked or missing shingles. If there's enough time, the contractors can repair those areas with ease. Those repairs need time to settle, however, so contact the roofers several weeks before the storm season begins.

When it's not possible to have an appointment several weeks before a storm arrives, the contractors can't normally fix the issues beforehand. As a simple yet effective solution, the roofers can affix a tarp across the roof's surface. Contractors connect the tarp into the structural wood so that the winds won't tear it away from the home. The tarp is strong enough to ward off extensive moisture damage until the proper repairs can be made.

Precision Roofing, Rockland County experts can answer questions regarding shingle replacement or PVC roofing.

Although your roofers may have performed every preventive measure possible, leaks can still occur inside the home. During the storm, walk around the home's interior. Look for any active leaks along the ceiling or walls. Take a close look inside the attic if possible. Leaks will often appear several feet away from their origination point. Your visual confirmation can help the contractors fix the issue after the storm.

Schedule an appointment with the roofers when the storm clears. They can remove the tarp and perform certain repairs at that point. If another storm is pending in the forecast, however, the tarp will need to stay on until there's more time for an evaluation.

If your region is prone to strong storms, consider a few features for the roof when a replacement project approaches. Rather than allowing the roof's valleys to be exposed to excessive damages, ask contractors for a woven valley. You won't see any flashing in the valley because the shingles connect in an interwoven configuration. Water flows quickly off of the home with few leaks in its wake. Smart construction and frequent inspections can help your home survive through almost any storm.

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