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During the construction of a house, local Rockland County roofing contractors have several options for putting together the roof's framing. Collar ties and rafter ties are two types of horizontal framing members. Each of these materials has different benefits and is used in different situations. The choice of which type to use depends on the pitch of the rooftop, the exterior roofing materials and the expected snow and ice load that the roof may need to carry during the wintertime.

Collar ties are a type of tension tie used on the upper third of opposing gable rafters. They are used to deflect loads that can occur due to rafter separation when there is a dynamic or unbalanced load on the roof's sloped surface. This occurs when there is a heavy amount of snow or ice on the roof. It can also happen during times of high uplifting winds or when a person is walking across the roof. Uplift can tear a home's roof off when the rafters are not securely attached. These winds are common during severe spring and summertime thunderstorms and during wintertime gales. While not always required by local building codes, roofers in New York often use them because they strengthen the roofing system. When installed, these ties should be spaced at least 4 feet away from the center beam and placed onto every other rafter.

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A rafter tie is another type of tension tie and is installed onto the lower third of the rafter's span. They attach opposite gable rafters with the aim of lessening the outward thrust of the rafter when there is a load on the roof. They also resist the outward tendency of the exterior walls due to the weight of the roof pushing on them. The shallower a roof's slope, the greater the thrust on the home's walls. The rafter ties form the familiar triangular shape of the roof's trusses. If the structure's ceiling joists are perpendicular to the rafters, then they can be used in place of these ties. Rafter ties are always required, and a lack of them could be considered a serious structural defect. Missing rafter ties could cause a home to fail city building inspections.

In addition to choosing the best type of ties for the underside of the roofing system, roofers can also use a reinforced membrane to protect the roof's surface from the outside. Other great techniques for reinforcing a roof include using bolts or threaded nails rather than plain nails and increasing the thickness of the underlay.

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