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During the summertime, homeowners may be propositioned by unfamiliar contractors who are offering their services. Knowing when the offer is a scam and when it is from a legitimate company can be a challenge. Property owners should seek out familiar Rockland County roofing experts to work on their homes. It is also important to recognize some of the most common kinds of scams that unscrupulous individuals may try to perform.

One of the most common roof repair scams is for a contractor to show up at a house without being called first and then tell the owner that there is an urgent problem with the rooftop that requires immediate fixing. The contractor might even give the owner dire predictions of an impending failure. In these cases, the contractor often demands an upfront payment for services. It is unlikely that the roof has such a big problem as described by these types of individuals, however. If the homeowner were to make a payment, chances are good that no service would be performed at all. If an uninvited contractor shows up at a house, homeowners should ask for their business license, proof of insurance and printed information with the company's address and telephone number. This gives the homeowners a chance to do some research and find out if the company is legitimate.

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Another common roofing scam involves performing a remove and reinstall project. In this situation, the roofer removes some of the roofing materials under the guise of replacing them with new shingles or tiles. In reality, the same parts are put back onto the roof. The homeowner paid for new products but did not get them. Tearing off and putting the same shingles back onto the house causes excess wear and tear and could cause the roof to start leaking.

Property owners may also deal with situations in which a contractor says the whole roof needs to be replaced, but in reality, only the flashing or a couple of shingles need to be fixed. Owners could pay thousands of dollars for work that is completely unnecessary.

Homeowners may also have shoddy contractors show up and make claims of roof problems without actually examining the roof. The contractors may offer to do the repairs at what seems to be a steep discount. They could even offer to do a total roof replacement at much less than the typical cost of installing a new roofing system. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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