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If you're looking to incorporate green living into your home, what better way to harness the sun's energy than through a solar paneled roof? Perhaps, you've been scared away by rumors of a high price tag, or maybe you've been reluctant to go this route because you're not really sure how it would benefit you. Turning to Rockland County roofing professionals such as those at Precision Roofing, Inc. can help answer all your questions. Each roofing company you consider may use a different system. Precision Roofing uses Dow Powerhouse solar shingles, offering both protection and energy efficiency for homes.

You may have an image in your head of large, cumbersome, shiny and unattractive panels layered on your roof. While some systems do feature obvious-looking solar panels on top of the roof, others are simply sheets of solar cells covered in a thin glass such as the Dow brand hybrid of solar shingles. These tend to mimic the look of standard shingles, offering a more attractive option over other types, which feature silicon cells that are thicker and susceptible to cracking. The newest technology blends cells that are thinner and more pliable, made from a blend of copper, selenium, indium and gallium. These match better with the design and roof line of many homes, providing an aesthetic appeal that is unmatched today.

The experts at Precision Roofing of Rockland County roofing companies can answer questions regarding PVC roofing or TPO roofing.

In addition, they require little maintenance, reduce energy bills, provide the home with energy straight from the sun and come with monitoring systems that help homeowners better manage how they use their energy.

A solar-powered home is not for everyone. In fact, there are many considerations to take into account before installing this type of roof such as cost, climate and practicality. When deciding if green is the way to go for your home, take a long, hard look at the factors. Solar roofing can be more expensive than standard asphalt shingles on the face of it. However, with federal tax credits up to 30 percent plus incentives with your state and local utility companies, you could be looking at a reduction in price by 60 percent. In California, you could pay just $31,000 for an average roof, giving you $4 in energy savings for every $1 that you invest. Add up the money you can shave off your energy bills, and this could be an option that would fit into your budget. You can also look into selling your power back to your local utility company. Other things that can affect whether solar roofing is for you include the size of your home and how it sits on your property. Overall climate is essential as well. If you don't see much sun in your region, it is unlikely that this would be a viable option for you on a consistent basis.

Discussing your options with your professional roofer will make a big difference in making a decision. It's important to get an expert opinion on the practicality of solar roofing for your home.

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