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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Seamed and Sectional Gutters

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One of the most important choices homeowners will have to make about their gutters is whether they want sectional or seamless ones. Sectional gutters are easier to install, and many homeowners can install them on their own. They usually come in standard lengths, and many different types can be purchased from a home improvement store. Each section is connected to adjoining ones, but these connection points can be a stress point on your gutter system. Seamless gutters can be a bit trickier to install, and they often have to be created to match the specific dimensions of the building on which they're being installed, which makes them more expensive.

Cost is certainly a concern in the debate between sectional and seamless gutters, but there are other factors to consider as well. Rockland County roofing professionals suggest carefully weighing the pros and cons of sectional and seamless gutters.

Sectional gutters, while inexpensive and a practical choice for homeowner installation, are prone to a few kinds of failure that don't impact seamless gutters. The connecting points between each section can develop leaks over time, and if the gutters aren't properly supported, they may also begin to sag. Sectional gutters may also develop more substantial splits or cracks at these points, and leaves and other debris can snag more easily at connection points, leading to clogs.

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They're also more susceptible to changes in temperature that causes the material to expand and contract, but there are expansion joints on the market that can help with this problem. Some home improvement stores and professional contractors sell sectional gutters with longer sections, and these may be long enough to create functionally seamless gutters depending on the size and shape of the building's roof.

When installed properly, seamless gutters only have these connection points at corners, downspouts and other places where the angle of the gutter or slope of the roof changes. This reduces the overall stress on the gutter system. However, seamless gutters require special equipment for manufacturing, which means that a professional roofing contractor will be required for their installation, increasing the cost.

Both sectional and seamless gutters can be effective at diverting water away from the roof of any building. Seamless gutters, while more expensive, have several advantages over sectional gutters that may make them a better investment in the long-term. Sectional gutters are a good choice for homeowners and other property owners who prefer to perform their own gutter installations.

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