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If you live in an area of New York that gets a lot of ice, it might be smart to invest in snow guards for your roof. Many people in the Rockland County roofing field will recommend these traditional ways of stopping ice on your roof. There are a variety of styles that you can choose from, and each has its own positives and negatives for breaking up the elements in winter.

Snow guards are easy to understand in the way that they work: They are basically small pieces of metal designed to break up large pieces of ice that have frozen on the roof before they hit the ground. Imagine 50 pounds of snow dropping from the roof onto your ground. If your child or family member is underneath the roof at the time, it could severely injure them. As a roof gets bigger, it is wise to get as many snow guards as possible. Many people enjoy using double rows of them. This way, if the ice gets past the first row, it has a backup row to rely on. However, the snow can get caught between the two rows, creating extra weight on your roof. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with right away.

If the snow and ice is getting caught between your snow guards, something needs to change. This area of your roof might not be properly ventilated.

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You will want to call a contractor to have them look at this area as soon as possible. Once the situation is handled, the snow should come down just fine. Snow guards also prevent the snow from being cluttered in your gutters. The water from your roof still needs to go somewhere; if the gutters are constantly being clogged with snow, the water will run straight off of your roof and onto anyone underneath.

The good news for existing roof owners is that snow guards can be added at any time; they are not parts that come with new roofing only. They are so simple to install that you will wonder why you never had them before. Most types of guards are installed using a strong-bond adhesive and some screws; it will vary between the different types of snow guards available. Most people enjoy using the Gothic style of guard because it is wider and has several spikes to break up snow and ice. There are so many designs available on today's market that you should not have any trouble finding a style you like.

Snow guards are wonderful for breaking up ice dams that threaten to take place on your roof. After a quick and easy installation, you will be protected for years from snow from falling in chunks off your roof.

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