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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Solar Shingle Installation Basics

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With environmental concerns high among households, many families are trying to conserve energy wherever possible. A structure's building envelope, including the roof, can be an energy saving system as strategic ventilation contributes to less air conditioning use and low fuel costs. However, that same rooftop can also be configured with solar shingles for energy production. When Rockland County roofing professionals discuss material choices with homeowners, it's important to understand critical solar shingle installation aspects that differ from the average project.

Solar shingles can be added as replacement materials for older, patchy rooftops, but it's ideal to install these products when an entirely new roof is necessary. Homeowners want professionals to inspect the roof deck for verified stability before adding solar shingles. These materials must be installed in certain numbers and areas on the roof to optimize sunlight absorption. With a cleared rooftop, contractors add the solar shingles as necessary for a perfect energy production space.

Homeowners might be under the impression that the entire roof must be solar shingles. In fact, only a section of shingles with solar capabilities must be installed. Contractors calculate the number of solar materials necessary to match the home's power needs.

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With that information, a solar design is created and implemented on the rooftop for instant sunlight absorption.

Solar shingles must be connected to the home's electrical panel to steadily supply energy from sunlight absorption. In some cases, a specialized electrician is called in as roofers complete the installation process. Array cables extending from the shingles are bundled, routed and connected into the home. This configuration is tested and troubleshot by professionals until any issues are resolved.

Homeowners often have concerns about weathering and longevity regarding their new solar installation. Although each shingle has electronic components embedded in the design, material manufacturers ensure that all products have strong exteriors to combat any weathering damage. Engineers go through strict testing protocols to verify all products will protect a home under normal circumstances. Homeowners should also note that warranties are part of solar installations and can protect their houses from expensive damage in certain circumstances.

Before homeowners agree to a solar installation, they should ask for a material sample. Solar shingles have a darkened appearance that reflects some sunlight and provides a distinct look on the rooftop. Homeowners must understand this solar shingle design is optimal to capture as much sunlight as possible. If they don't appreciate the appearance of the shingles, another material beside solar might be a better choice for the property.

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