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Adding solar shingles to a rooftop is a clever way to reduce energy costs and help the environment simultaneously. When Rockland County roofing professionals quote a solar installation, it's critical for homeowners to understand all the preparation details involved with solar arrays. From kilowatt hour calculations to physical orientations, solar shingle projects require attention to key preparation steps for successful system integration.

The first step to solar installation is understanding that extra contractors may be needed. Roofing contractors could be trained and experienced at solar installations, but electricians are normally called upon to complete all the final connections at the electrical panel. When the roofing contract is being drawn up, all contractors should be listed on the document. Verify and discuss all contractor types in the contract to know when extra personnel are necessary. Certified electricians can make final connections very quickly with safe resulting assemblies.

Another preparation step is simply observation. Contractors must analyze the home's architecture and orientation toward the sun. They'll indicate the best areas for solar shingles based on sunlight exposure and angles. Ideally, roof spaces filled with solar shingles must be saturated with sunlight several hours a day to truly power a household. Contractors report their analysis to homeowners, giving them a chance to understand where the array will be on the rooftop.

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In most cases, homeowners are satisfied with the configuration and approve installation.

A home must also have relatively new roofing. If contractors add solar shingles to an old installation, the roof deck below may not be strong enough to hold all materials safely. Accelerated decay might occur, requiring the replacement of the entire rooftop. It's best to add solar shingles when the entire roof is being renovated.

Older electrical panels may not be able to support incoming solar energy at such high power levels. Before a project is even quoted, contractors will verify if the electrical panel is strong enough for the load. A new panel may need to be added to support the incoming solar energy along with the remaining household electrical needs.

Always communicate with onsite roofing supervisors as workers prepare a property for solar integration. If any questions arise, they need to be brought up to the supervisor as soon as possible. Homeowners must understand all facets of solar installation to use and care for the system appropriately. Quality roofers will take some time out of their schedule to go over any concerns with residents.

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