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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Solar Shingles and Solar Panels

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Eco friendly roofing has become an increasingly popular practice thanks to tax incentives and significant media attention. However, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of eco friendly roofing materials available. The two main options are solar shingles and solar panels, each of which comes in a wide range of variations. Rockland County roofing professionals can help homeowners make the final decision as to which type of eco friendly roof is best for them.

Since solar panels were first developed in 1958, they have provided homeowners with an efficient way to power their homes. In fact, solar panels are so efficient and long lasting that some of the original panels are still in use today. Solar panels are usually installed above shingles and positioned to collect the sun's rays from all directions. "Smart" solar panels are designed to track the movements of the sun for greater efficiency. Solar panels rarely need to be changed and have a reputation for remaining functional years and even decades after installation.

Solar shingles are a relatively recent invention that became available to consumers in 2005. The greatest benefit of these shingles is that they are similarly sized to a standard asphalt shingle and allow for a uniform appearance. While they may look like normal shingles, solar panels convert sunlight into power for an eco friendly addition to any home.

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However, solar shingles are only half as powerful as solar panels. It is also unknown how well they hold up over time and when homeowners can expect to replace their newly installed solar shingles.

While solar panels may seem like the obvious choice with their proven longevity and greater efficiency, there are still plenty of reasons why homeowners choose solar shingles. Solar shingles come in an attractive design, have significant weather resistance and are remarkably flexible. Because of the way they are placed between shingles, solar panels leave gaps that can become a homes for pests. Solar shingles also take very little time to install.

When it comes to deciding between solar shingles and solar panels, homeowners should consider their energy saving needs as well as their aesthetic preferences. Solar shingles are generally regarded as more attractive and are quickly installed, but they offer less power. Solar panels are powerful and long lasting, but they can affect the overall look of the roof and lead to pest problems if not properly installed. Preference regarding these issues largely determines which eco friendly roofing material is best.

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