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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Transitioning To Commercial Tile Roofing

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Commercial property owners have a number of Rockland County roofing options that can improve the utility and longevity of their buildings. Although many people are familiar with the cosmetic appeal of the stone and clay tiling used to roof homes and apartments, you may not be aware of the fact that there are comparable options specifically designed for commercial buildings.

The roofing tiles used for professional facilities perform similar functions as their residential counterparts do. The major difference is that these versions are designed for more stress, wear and usage. For instance, the clay or stone patterned tiles found on many homes with pitched roofs aren't really designed to support constant foot traffic, but commercial tile surfaces are often used for temporary occupancy during corporate events. Urban firms that utilize roof space to make the most of their limited lot areas often go with tiles for this exact reason.

Another interesting feature of commercial roof tiles is that they can be combined with a huge range of layered roofing substrates and underlayment materials. Since the tiles are only the top layer of the roofing, they hold down other materials and provide a smooth surface for regular use, aesthetic decorations or simple weather resistance.

Many building owners, for instance, choose to augment the weatherproofing capabilities of their tile systems by placing them atop special reflective barriers. These thermal underlayments ensure that UV radiation gets absorbed before it can heat up the building during the hot summer, but they also serve to increase the overall efficiency of heating systems during winter and fall.

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By making intelligent roofing choices, tile users can create buildings that are easier to maintain year round.

Different commercial tile formulations can also be chosen for their energy efficiency properties. For instance, roofing manufacturers often mix special blends of concrete and stone to create tiles with specific heat permittivity ratings or match Energy Star compliance standards. Others offer synthetic rubber products that mitigate the stresses that roofs normally experience as a result of thermal expansion. These variances allow you to select from a number of colors, styles and material properties.

One important note about commercial roof tiling is that its increased strength and durability comes at a physical price. These tiles are generally heavier than other roofing options, so your existing building may require retrofitting before your new roof can be installed. Depending on how much support needs to be added, this process can delay a job's completion and increase its budget requirements.

Tile roofing offers a number of advantages that allow it to accommodate commercial installations. Unlike many roofing materials, it can last for up to a century if properly maintained, and it generally resists damage during inclement weather and severe seasonal storms. These factors make tile an ideal, long-lasting solution for retail and industrial facilities owned by established businesses and new startups alike.

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