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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Understanding Cordless Roofing Nailers

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There are many advantages to using cordless tools when installing your new roof. If you are using a corded tool, the electrical cord can pose a hazard if it becomes tangled around your foot, caught or damaged. Reading reviews on different types of nailers will help you pick the right one for the job. Ask a Rockland County roofing company if they can offer some help.

Many people will argue that cordless tools do not have the same amount of power that their corded relatives have. This might have been true a decade ago, but wireless technology has come a long way since then. A roofer is able to further customize their tools to make them more powerful. An instruction guide might be available for them to add dual batteries on the tool to increase its life. Their price range might be a little bit higher than corded tools, but when working on a platform that sits high off the ground, safety is worth the price. Working with a rechargeable battery will always ensure that you can nail that next nail into the roof. If a cord becomes tangled or the connection becomes loose, it can create mayhem. Purchasing an additional battery for your nailer will ensure that you never run out of power when your are on the roof.

If your roof needs to be repaired at any time, it is much easier to climb a ladder with a cordless tool. By going cordless, you will not need to carefully guide the wire around the ladder, get it unstuck or untangled, or find extension cords that are long enough to reach your destination.

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The tools will always be ready when you need them to be. While you are on the roof, cords can be a tripping hazard. A cordless tool will eliminate that problem as well.

There are a variety of cordless models to choose from. The company who manufacturers the tool is an important part of the equation. Many companies try to make a replica of a tool that is offered by a quality company. They usually try to sell it for much cheaper. These tools will not last as long as the ones from a reputable company. For a new roof installation, an air nailer will probably be more efficient than a wire-free tool. Cordless tools can weigh a little bit more than air compressor nailers. For this reason, it is not practical to use them for a long period of time.

Picking the right nailer for your situation is easier than you might think. Reading reviews and articles about different models can make your decision easier. Some roofers are used to compressor types of nailers and often disregard the cordless types. These roofers have logged many hours using their normal tools. For this reason, it makes it hard for them to make the transition. You can ask if any other roofers have tried to make the switch to cordless. This will help you pick out the right one for the job.

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