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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Understanding Roofing Underlayment

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In the past, the consideration for roofing underlayment was not a major concern for most homeowners. Many roofs were installed without underlayment. However, today, the majority of homeowners understand the need for underlayment. It serves as one of the most critical components on a roof. This is because it impacts the longevity and quality of a roof. Rockland County roofing contractors are trained to install roofing underlayment.

Roofing underlayment is composed of a layer of materials. It is installed over the decking and under the shingles. Traditionally, roofing underlayment was made using felt, and asphalt was added to act as a bond. Underlayment is available in different qualities; the two most common are the 15-pound and 30-pound varieties. These are known as roofing felt.

Today, newer materials of underlayment are used, such as synthetic felt. This type of underlayment is made of synthetic polymers. These synthetic materials offer a higher performance compared to the traditional felt. This high-quality felt is particularly ideal for harsh weather conditions. Synthetic underlayment should be used with a particular type of shingle. Roofing professionals can advise homeowners on the right type of felt and shingles.

The traditional use of asphalt roofing has also been improved. Today, asphalt is coated using reinforced glass to provide stronger roofing underlayment.

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This new fiberglass version is similar in quality to the 30-pound roofing felt. It is preferred by many roofers due to its toughness and strength. It also lays flatter than other felts. This new product even comes in a bigger roll.

It is important for homeowners to understand the importance of roofing underlayment. When installing roofs, roofing contractors add the underlayment as part of the project. The contractor will have specific reasons for choosing a particular type of underlayment. Underlayment is crucial right from the installation process. During roofing, underlayment provides immediate protection from water damage. The protective layer prevents moisture from resting on the deck of the roof. Once the deck has been fastened, the next step should be to install the underlayment.

Roofs that have an excessive pitch need stronger underlayment. Synthetic felt is recommended for such roofs so as to provide better footing for the roofing professionals who are installing the roof. Underlayment goes a long way in preventing leaks. The asphalt seal creates a protective layer around the places where the nails penetrate. This coat offers protection from moisture, which is one of the major causes of roof damage.

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