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Rockland County Roofing: Article About What Makes A Roof Energy Efficient?

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When homeowners invest in Rockland County roofing, they're doing more than simply keeping the weather off of their backs. In addition to protecting the interiors of homes from wind and water, well maintained roofing structures serve as highly effective barriers against the passage of energy. This can be seen in the roofs that block light and provide welcome shade, and the phenomenon also manifests in energy savings for property owners.

Roof tiles and vapor barriers are usually a home's primary means of defense against the passage of thermal energy. The bitumen, silica and other materials used to make conventional tiles do a fairly good job at blocking large quantities of the sun's radiant energy. Even better, most roof tiles rest on top of different kinds of thermal barriers and sheet materials that can stop heat and moisture while still permitting the wood below to breathe and not become too wet.

Not all roofs work equally well when it comes to minimizing household energy expenses. Structural deficiencies, such as weathered tiles or worn soffit areas, can decrease a roof's ability to reflect external heat energy during summer or prevent it from bleeding out in winter. Some of these issues are visible enough to be obvious, but others, like rotting wooden timbers in overly moist attics, are harder to detect without close inspection.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding asphalt roofing or PVC roofing.

Attics are also important structural components; without the insulation they contain, homeowners would waste tons of energy on heating during cold months only to have the heat escape through their ceilings. Insulation comes in many forms from the traditional fiberglass fill most people are familiar with to foil backed radiant barriers. These shiny radiant barriers have high R values due to the fact that they actually reflect heat waves and thus keep temperatures where people want them.

How can people maintain the ability of their roofs to keep them comfortable and reduce their monthly bills? While professional visual inspections are a good start, some problems are hard for even experts to detect. Tools like thermal imaging, which permits assessors to actually visualize areas where heat might be leaking, are vital for diagnosing the problems that render roofing inefficient and making effective corrections.

Once basic failings, such as building materials that have settled or joints that have contracted, are corrected, homeowners can start making improvements. Renovations that incorporate higher efficiency building materials or changes to existing HVAC and climate control systems are all valid ways to get more mileage out of roofing.

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