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The typical gutter on a home's exterior consists of dozens of different components and parts, and homeowners often find it tricky to determine which parts need repair. Most homes feature one large section of gutter that travels along each side of the roof. Modern homes and roofs that underwent a recent renovation may feature seamless gutters. Manufacturers create these gutters from casts to fit the size specifications of the house. The gutters completely wrap around the house without using any seams to hold the pieces together. Though gutters can last for years, homeowners may want to look for signs that their gutters need replacing before calling on Rockland County roofing companies.

Water damage is one of the biggest signs that gutters need replacement. A gutter system carries water off the roof, away from the house and into the downspouts, which then transports the water away from the home and into exterior drains on the patio nearby. When homeowners find signs of mold and mildew on their foundations or behind the gutters, it's a clear sign that the gutters have leaked water.

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Homeowners should look for dusty or powdery white, blue or green spots when checking for mildew or wet black, brown or tan spots that feel spongy to the touch when checking for mold.

Though gutters come in different materials, all those materials are susceptible to different types of damage. Metal gutters, including those made from steel and aluminum, can develop rusted patches from exposure to moisture. That rust may leave behind streaks of red or brown on the house, which indicates that the rust rubbed off the gutters and onto the house. Gutters made from plastic, vinyl and similar materials can develop cracks that let water escape, and homeowners may even find chunks of the gutters missing.

Another sign that gutters need replacing is when they begin drooping or sagging. When installing a gutter system, contractors use special nails and screws that go straight through the gutters and into the eaves or walls behind. Sagging gutters can indicate one of two problems. One is a minor problem that occurs when the screws become rusted or broken. Replacing those screws is the simple solution. It may also indicate that the gutters became so worn that they can no longer keep water moving into the downspouts. If the gutters sag because excess water built up inside, homeowners will need to hire contractors to replace the old gutters.

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