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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Winter Ice Dam Prevention

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Many homeowners find themselves faced with water damage caused by leaking roofs. Of course, there can be many reasons why a roof would fail, but one common problem that often gets overlooked can be traced back to inadequate attic ventilation and insulation.

For homeowners who live in northern climates where heavy snowfall is the norm and temperatures drop below freezing, ice dams pose a serious threat to their roofs as well as the interiors of their homes. When ice dams form, they can cause water to seep up under the shingles. Unfortunately, when this happens, water works its way to the roof deck and causes it to rot and deteriorate.

As the water damage continues, interior walls, ceilings and floors can also become damaged. A water leak that is not dealt with properly can result in extensive damage, health problems and even structural instability. When homeowners discover that their roofs are leaking, it's important to contact a reputable Rockland County roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Ice dams occur when the underside of the roof gets warm enough to start melting the snow sitting on top of the roof.

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When this happens, snow melts from the highest parts of the roof, but the eaves are still cold, and the snow has not yet started to melt. This uneven melting is problematic because water will not be able to drain and will simply refreeze along the cold edges of the roof.

A seemingly sound roof can develop ice dams when the home's attic space does not have sufficient insulation or when there isn't good ventilation. A roofing contractor can evaluate the insulation and ventilation to make sure a home is ready for winter.

Any home that is located in an area that gets freezing temperatures coupled with periods of heavy snowfall will be prone to ice dams. It is imperative that homeowners take preventative measures by making sure that the undersides of their roofs remain cool. An attic can get warm from rising heat coming from inside the home. This could be from insufficient insulation or open gaps around vents and light sockets. Not only will these issues result in an attic that is too warm, but it wastes heat and increases utility bills.

Another area of concern is attic ventilation. Protecting a roof from ice dams requires good ventilation. A roofing contractor can install fans in the attic, soffits or eaves to keep the air moving. By forcing warm air out and drawing in cool air, the underside of the roof can stay cold enough to prevent ice dams.

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