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New homeowners who are in the process of becoming more familiar with different types of roofs can be drawn to wooden shakes and shingles. Wooden roofs have a refined and classic quality that is extremely difficult to equal. A wooden roof not only gives your home a beautiful style and a great deal of curb appeal, but it is also extremely resilient to a wide variety of inclement weather as well as other roof-destroying issues.

Wooden roofs are extremely durable depending on the type of wood used and the skill of the installation team. Putting your trust in an experienced Rockland County roofing professional is the first step to having a long-lasting wooden roof that will not fail you. While cedar can be aptly described as the industry standard of durability, other options are readily available. When treated, they are resilient and will stand the test of time depending on their type of cut.

Offered in lengths of either 16, 18 or 24 inches, these shingles are popular choices among homeowners. Also, because they are sold in varying or uniform widths, they offer an extremely customizable roofing solution. Those looking for a more rustic appearance should look toward rougher-cut and thicker wooden shakes. Homeowners who appreciate a cleaner cut and more uniform design would enjoy wooden shingles.

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Wooden roof solutions combine style with natural, in the case of cedar, or treated resistance to both insect infestations and fungus. They are offered in a broad selection of fancy cut types ranging from v-cuts to coves to fish scales for a more dynamic and unique appearance. Wooden shingles generally last between 15 and 25 years while more rough-hewn shakes last longer, ranging up to 50 years.

These shingles are also offered in a variety of color and finish options that vary between production resources. Often times, wooden shingles and shakes are stained to preserve their beautiful natural grain appearance. Other times, they are treated and painted for a completely different look.

While wooden shingles and shakes are a fantastic roofing solution, they do have their drawbacks. They are more of an initial investment than other more upfront, cost-efficient options, but you make back your money because of their durability. Because of their possible flammable properties, wooden shingles are banned altogether in some areas, but they can be pressure treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Also, because wooden shingles are naturally sourced, it is difficult to get a perfect match if you have to replace a shingle lost to a storm.

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