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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Wooden Shakes Versus Wooden Shingles

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Wooden roofs are a popular design choice for many homes worldwide. If you have chosen to select a wood as the main material for your new roof, you must decide between using wooden shingles or wooden shakes. Matching the right wood finish to your home is an important step. To find out what style would be best for your particular roof, ask a Rockland County roofing company to assist you.

While wooden shingles may look similar to wooden shakes, there is a difference in the way that they are manufactured. A shingle is uniformly sawn on both sides; this helps it to retain a uniform and modern look on your roof in a single layer of installation. On the other hand, a shake might look like several layers of wood piled on top of one another. As both styles of planks are made, there is a difference in the way that they are cut; shingle wood can be cut against the grain or across the grain at times. Shakes are usually cut along the grain, which creates a much nicer look in the end.

Some companies might still cut the boards by hand for a nicer look up close, but it will usually cost more.

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However, when the roof is being placed 40 feet from the ground, most people cannot tell the difference between a shake or shingle that was handmade or made by a machine.

If you are trying to decide on going with a shingle or shake appearance, consider what the rest of your home looks like. If your home is very old, choosing shakes will blend in much nicer than a shingle design will.

There can be different sizes of each type of design. Shakes are measured by the height of the butt end. Medium-sized boards are usually about 1/2 inch near the butt. A shake that has more mass to it will generally be about 3/4 inch at the butt. Getting a variety of sizes for your roof will make it look more handmade and less manufactured. If you are going for the vintage look, tell your contractor that you want different sizes of shakes installed. Ask the contractor to lay out a shake prototype of your roof on the ground; this may help to work out the final design.

If you have a tight budget when it comes to installing a new roof, you should know that either of these wooden designs will cost almost four times as much as an asphalt roof will. Try to search for an asphalt design that resembles the wood look you are going for. Not only will it last as long as wood, but you will not have to treat an asphalt roof with preservatives and sprays.

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