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Roofs made from wooden shakes or shingles offer a high level of aesthetic appeal and bring about a sense of tradition, especially on Dutch colonial and log cabin styled homes. In order to maintain the beauty of wood roofing material, homeowners must undertake regular maintenance. Rockland County roofing professionals also offer services that can help prevent undue wear and tear to the wood roofing materials. Property owners with a wood shake or shingle roof can follow these easy maintenance tips for caring for their roofing systems.

The presence of moss and algae is a common issue on wooden shakes and shingles. One strategy that homeowners can use to get rid of these microorganisms is to place copper or zinc control strips along the shingles just under the roof's ridge line. With every rainfall, a few of the zinc or copper molecules will wash down over the shingles and kill off the unwanted growths. These metallic strips can also be installed along the roof's hips and ridges to prevent the growths from developing in the roof's valleys and shaded areas.

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Every one to three years a polyurethane coating should be applied to the wooden shakes or shingles if they have not already been pretreated. The polyurethane forms an impenetrable barrier that resists water and wind damage. Because accessing a steeply pitched or tall roof may prove difficult for property owners, many choose to leave this bit of maintenance for roofing experts.

Any vent openings on a wooden roof should be checked for rust around the caps and covers. If rusty areas are discovered, a spray on rust remover and prevention product can be applied to the area. These products prevent further oxidation of the metal caps and covers. When areas of rust are left untreated, they may lead to roof leaks around the vents. The caulking around the vent caps and covers should also be inspected and replaced if it has cracked or peeled away from the surface.

Finally, homeowners should check for the presence of debris in the rain gutters. Leaves, sticks and even broken parts of the shingles may become lodged in the gutter or in the opening between the gutter and downspout. The gutters should be cleaned out at least twice each year, once in the spring and again in the autumn. Maintaining clear rain gutters allows the rainfall to be collected and drained away from the home through the downspouts.

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