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Many customers ask us if our Rockland County roofing installers are properly licensed. The answer is a resounding "Yes." Every roofer needs to have a license to work on your roof. This is because it is extremely dangerous to be on top of a building while working. If a crew member falls off of your roof and is not licensed, a host of legal and financial consequences could result.

When you are looking to have any work done to your home, your first question to a potential contractor should be, "Is your company licensed?" Avoid contractors with only a city license, and trust your roof with contractors who hold a state-issued license. Accreditation from a national roofing association is also a good indication of a reputable roofer.

To obtain a license, a contractor will need to demonstrate their skills and education on roofing. If a company is not licensed, you will have no way to ensure that they are properly trained. Possessing a license helps you be assured that your contractor knows how to handle a variety of situations that could come up in a roofing installation or repair. They will also know how to perform the job more quickly, given that license-holders generally have years of experience. This is extremely important if you want to save money on your labor costs.

To protect yourself from further financial damages, make sure that your contractor is bonded and insured. For example, if a roofer accidentally misses a section of your roof, you could potentially have water damage inside the room underneath.

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If a large rain storm comes and the roof is unprotected, the rain could drop to the room below, causing property damage to any precious memories or furniture in addition to your home's structure. In such a case, you might have cause to take the individual to court, and they will have to pay for the damage if you win. If they are bonded, they should have backup resources to cover the damage. If they are not bonded, they might not have enough funds available, which could get complicated.

If your contractor is insured, you will not have to worry about paying their medical bills should an injury occur on your property. For instance, if a worker accidentally hammers a nail into their hand, you will not be responsible for paying any damages. The company is completely responsible for paying any medical expenses.

To ensure that you are hiring the best individual for the job, research your options thoroughly. Doing a few Internet searches can yield a variety of results, but be wary that what you read might be biased. The best reviews you can find will be from friends or family members that you can trust. They can give you a good idea of whether a contractor was reasonably priced, responded professional to customer concerns and completed the work on time.

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