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When looking over a roofing contractor's bid, one is likely to see the words "roof flashing" somewhere on the page. Roof flashing is a critical aspect of a functional roof. However, many homeowners don't understand what flashing is or how it works. Reputable White Plains roofing companies should be able to give a clear explanation. However, if homeowners are too shy to ask, the following explanation should give them some insight on what flashing is and why they need it.

Any roof, regardless of its style or type, has one goal: to keep the inside of a property safe from weather. In other words, it needs to resiliently block all the wind, rain, and snow that come up against it. It is also an impermeable membrane with multiple layers to keep moisture out. In addition, roof structures are designed with the law of gravity in mind. Most roofs slope downward and outward, prompting precipitation to roll off and away from the house instead of seeping through.

To ensure that water runs off the roof, flashing is used over any seams in the roof structure. Flashing consists of strips of metal, either aluminum or galvanized steel, which direct water in its downward flow. Wherever there are breaks in the roof design, including dormers, fan vents, plumbing vent stacks, and chimneys, flashing is necessary.

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Good flashing is durable, weatherproof, easy to maintain, and lightweight. While metal has long been the go to material for roof flashing, some other waterproof materials have more recently appeared as alternatives.

Many leak issues are due to problems with flashing that has been installed or cut improperly. Most professional roofing contractors cut their own flashing to size, though some also use pre cut flashing in standard sizes. In order for flashing to serve its purpose without rusting, it must be treated and painted before installation. Just as critically, the flashing needs to be mounted to allow small movements among the other roofing elements. With changes in temperature or humidity, many roofing elements expand and contract, including framing lumber or shingles. The flashing needs to permit these slight movements over time. Otherwise, should the flashing become misaligned, leakage may result.

Flashing is one of the more technically demanding aspects of roof construction and installation. It's also a critical piece of any roof. Therefore, it is particularly important to look to experienced and competent roofing contractors for any roofing projects that involve replacing the flashing.

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