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Protecting the roof from water damage is an extremely important way to increase its longevity, and, while gutters might seem like a relatively minor component of the roof, they actually play a major role in safeguarding it. The most common type of gutters is aluminum, which account for an estimated 80 percent of all installed gutters in America. One of the primary reasons many homeowners choose to install them is that they are incredibly durable and cost effective. High quality aluminum gutters will not rust, and they have the capacity to hold and transport much more water than wooden gutters. Presented here is a basic overview about the features of aluminum gutters. Homeowners who would like to learn more about the installation process are encouraged to contact a White Plains Roofing professional.

One of the drawbacks of aluminum gutters is that they can easily become bent during a hailstorm. Roofing contractors recommend that homeowners ensure that tree branches do not overhang the gutters for this reason as well. Tree branches can also easily clog up the gutters and prevent them from carrying water away from the surface of the roof. If the gutters become severely clogged, water damage can cause the soffit and fascia board to rot.

There are several different styles of aluminum gutters available for purchase, so homeowners appreciate the fact that they are relatively easy to match with the rest of the home's appearance.

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Aluminum gutters can be purchased in a natural, shiny finish, a factory finished enamel base or some types that are covered in a thin layer of vinyl material for enhanced durability. Aluminum gutters will not fade over a period of time, which means that the homeowner will not need to repaint them, and there are a wide variety of color choices to choose from. Roofing contractors can install the gutters in sections, but most homeowners prefer to have seamless systems installed, which reduces the chance of leaks developing at the joints. Aluminum gutters are also less expensive than many other types of gutters, and they require little maintenance.

Most gutters are available in five or six inch diameter, and most homeowners choose to install five inch gutters. However, while a six inch gutter can carry more water before it begins to overflow, they typically require a little bit of advanced planning. Roofing contractors will need to ensure the fascia board is properly sized before installation. While a five inch gutter requires a 1 times 6 fascia board, a six inch gutter requires a 1 times 8 fascia board.

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