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It's a major undertaking, but in some cases, "raising the roof" can dramatically transform a home for the better. Those who are looking to expand their home with a second level or simply create an airier interior space may want to have their roof structure redesigned. Talking with a few White Plains roofing contractors is a good way of finding out how practical the project is for one's particular property. As a general rule, certain conditions make a roof reconstruction easier to accomplish.

To start with, it matters whether a person's house has a truss framed or a stick framed roof. The former is fairly challenging to expand, requiring a full rebuild. If homeowners don't have any attic space, they most likely have a truss framed roof. On the other hand, if they have a stick framed roof, it's much simpler to raise the roof. In general, houses with complex roofs are more difficult and costly to rebuild. The ideal house for a roof raising is a small house with a simple gable roof.

Should a homeowner wish to create a dramatic vaulted ceiling, he or she will need a stick roof. Essentially, to create a vaulted ceiling, simply remove the horizontal ceiling joists. Of course, to do that, one typically needs to reinforce the roof structurally to make up for the lost stability.

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In the case of truss framed roofs, the option is impossible because the trusses rely on the stability of the triangle design; the horizontal ceiling joists cannot be removed.

Since these kinds of changes to roofs require a great deal of structural understanding, they typically involve the collaboration of architects or engineers as well as roofing contractors. Therefore, homeowners considering the option should count on the additional expense and a longer time frame, given the scope of the project. In addition, the extra interior space will result in higher heating and cooling costs over time. Particularly in the case of vaulted ceilings, the appealingly airy spaces can be challenging to keep warm.

While it isn't an option for all kinds of houses, raising a roof can admirably address families' needs for extra space. Instead of building or buying a whole new home, homeowners can simply adapt the current house to suit their needs. As an alternative to building a new house, expanding an old one has positive environmental repercussions. The project requires fewer building materials and doesn't require building on new land, preserving one more plot of wild habitats.

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