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How long a particular roof will last depends on a variety of factors. The materials used in constructing it, the quality of the construction, and the weather all contribute to the life span of a specific roof. White Plains roofing companies can help residents choose the best roofing material for the climate and for the design of their homes. Experts will make sure new roofs are properly installed.

After installation, the biggest factor in how long the roof will last becomes care and maintenance. Homeowners may be able to do some of the smaller maintenance projects themselves, but others will require investing in the help of a professional. Whether they do it without help or hire someone, a regular inspection of the roof for damage is essential. Any kind of break or hole in the roofing material needs to be immediately repaired.

An additional inspection should be done after a major storm, especially if high winds are involved. Minor damage, such as a few loose or missing shingles, can usually be replaced or repaired. The key is to get the damage fixed before it worsens and lets moisture in.

Caring for a roof includes keeping it free of debris. Leaves piling up on the roof need to be removed frequently. If they collect in valleys in the roof, they will trap moisture that can damage the roof.

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Trapped moisture can also lead to the growth of mildew and mold, which can be expensive to remove.

Residents also need to look for evidence of damage from, or the intrusion of, insects or small animals. They can burrow in or make nests wherever leaves have accumulated or wherever they can find an opening in loose or cracked material.

Flashings, the metal installed around openings such as chimneys, skylights, and vents, can sometimes pull away, leaving a gap. Water, insects, or animals can then penetrate the roof and cause damage to the underside of the roofing material. Loose or missing nails need to be replaced and any holes sealed. Rust must be sanded off and the surface refinished.

Cleaning gutters is a necessary roof maintenance chore. People sometimes think that clogged gutters simply keep water accumulating in them. However, when the gutters fill up, the water may spill over the sides, staining the building. Much worse, the water can wick into the roofing underlayment and even the rafters. Then homeowners are dealing with damage from rot, which can cost thousands of dollars to fix. If it remains hidden, the damage can be extensive enough to necessitate replacing the roof.

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