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When choosing a White Plains roofing contractor, perhaps the most important detail is that the company is established. Customers should keep in mind that roofing is a high turnover industry, and new roofing companies fail at a greater rate than the norm for small businesses, which is already high. Another important point is to choose a company that is established locally, so the homeowner has local access. Customers should avoid "storm chasers," which may not honor warranties if a problem occurs.

A roofing company should also possess licensing and certification as required by local and state governments. This certification comes with certain insurance requirements, and homeowners should ensure that the company possesses valid insurance. Leading companies will present this information upon request and without issue, and a reticence to comply is a warning sign that should not be ignored.

A local chamber of commerce is an excellent source of information about licensing, certification and insurance, and it will be able to provide information about consumer complaints levied against the contractor. Another good source for this kind of information is the local Better Business Bureau. Homeowners should also perform their own investigation by requesting several referrals from the company being considered. It's wise to ensure that one of those referrals is at least a year old because recent clients are less likely to be aware of problems.

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All roofing companies worth considering will be willing to perform an onsite estimate at no charge and without obligation. It is wise to seek estimates from multiple companies because this will provide the customer with context. Keep in mind that price is not everything, and low bids are commonplace in the roofing industry.

There are a couple of key points to discuss during the estimate, and the first is what kind of labor warranty is provided. Additionally, if the roofing company will be buying the shingles, then customers should determine what kind of basic and extended warranty will come with the materials. If there is an extended warranty, the company should be required to install them in a manner that meets the specifications required by that extended warranty.

The second point to discuss is whether the contractor includes removal of debris as part of the roofing process. If not, then removal will be an additional cost. If recycling is a point of concern, homeowners should be sure to ask about that and note that it may be necessary to hire a separate company to handle recycling.

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