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There are an abundance of new roofing materials that offer better protection for a home's interior than many traditional products do. Many of these new materials feature Class A fire ratings and are classified as cool roofs. While many homeowners are interested in purchasing materials that are more environmentally friendly, it is also important that the materials offer maximum longevity, adequate protection from damage from the elements and that will represent a cost effective solution that will safeguard the homeowner's investment. In addition to vegetative green roofs, solar panels and shingles, as well as metal roofing products, a new type of roofing material that is rapidly gaining popularity is eco shake shingles. Constructed with 100 percent recycled materials, they are an excellent green option. Eco shake shingles are reinforced with cellulose fiber and vinyl, and they are incredibly durable in nature.

Homeowners who are interested in learning about the specific installation process of eco shake shingles are encouraged to contact a White Plains Roofing specialist who should be able to answer any questions about how long the installation might take, as well as provide an estimate for materials and labor. Here are some of the general features of eco shake shingles.

Many homeowners prefer the attractive look that wooden shakes and shingles create, but wooden roofing materials require a large investment, lots of maintenance and are more susceptible to rotting and fading over a period of time.

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Eco shake shingles provide an excellent alternative because they are designed to resemble wooden shakes. Homeowners appreciate that there are a variety of styles to choose from, and the materials can be completely customized to enhance the rest of the home's design and color features. The most popular color options on the market are charcoal, teak and umber.

One of the most attractive benefits of installing eco shake shingles is that, unlike other roofing materials, they are suitable for all climates. They provide excellent UV protection, and they do not crack, fade or curl, unlike other traditional shingle materials during their lifespan. Eco shake shingles also perform very well in extreme weather conditions, and they can even sustain winds that reach 110 miles per hour. Homeowners especially benefit from the 50 year manufacturer's warranty that comes with the material, and the fact that they require almost no regular maintenance. The shingles are easily installed, and the color finish will not chip, crack or peel, which adds even more peace of mind for the homeowner.

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