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White Plains Roofing: Article About Elements That Hasten Roof Deterioration

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Despite the fact that roofs are designed to stand up to the outside elements, they start to break down over time just like anything else. Day in and day out, they are put to the test and have to stand up to extreme heat, rain, hail and other falling debris. These elements cause damage, which can result in the hastened deterioration of roofing systems if not dealt with professionally. White Plains roofing experts can repair the damage and prevent that decay.

Many homes use shingles as their roofing material of choice. Shingles are a great option because they can be made out of a number of materials and are easy to work with. However, a shingle roof is made up of many individual pieces and strips. Over time, shingles can become loose because of foot traffic, strong winds and general wear and tear. As soon as one shingle goes missing, the home becomes vulnerable to moisture. Homeowners can prevent this by hiring professionals to inspect their roofs twice a year for decaying shingles that need to be replaced.

Hail can put a strain on any roof, no matter what material it is. Depending on the size of the hail, it can dent metal, crack slate and put holes in shingles.

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It can also damage the metal flashing that covers seams and other seals. Once roofing material becomes damaged by hail, it starts to decay much quicker, allowing the elements gain direct access to the roofing deck.

Condensation is a huge enemy to roofs and is usually caused by poor attic ventilation. The main reason why condensation is such a roof killer is because it attacks from underneath the roofing deck where the roof is not protected. The top of a roof is covered in protective materials such as asphalt shingles to protect it from moisture. Underneath, the roofing deck is exposed and easily damaged by moisture. Homeowners should have a professional roofer install a proper ventilation system that circulates fresh air to prevent condensation.

Despite all of these issues being destructive to roofs, the biggest enemy is sunlight. The sun's powerful UV rays can quickly deteriorate a roof and make it age long before its time. Homeowners can slow down this process by hiring professionals to seal their roofs with light colored stains and paints. Light colors improve the reflective properties of roofs, which means they can reflect more heat than they absorb. Also, light colors improve the ability of roofs to dispel the absorbed heat quickly, which helps extend the life of a roof. Professional roofers can inform homeowners of the stains and paints that can be used on their roof types.

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