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White Plains Roofing: Article About Impact Resistant Roof Pros and Cons

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In recent years, more and more insurance companies have begun to push impact resistant roofs on their customers. Some companies will even offer a discount on their premiums to clients who install such a roof. Impact resistant roofs provide more protection during a hailstorm, but are also more expensive. Are they worth it or not? Here are some things White Plains roofing customers should consider.

Roofing materials are independently tested in order to come up with an impact rating, with one being the lowest and four being the highest. The higher the number, the greater the protection (and cost) is. In fact, Class 4 shingles can cost nearly double the amount of Class 1 shingles.

Although they cost more, many homeowners nonetheless elect to have Class 4 shingles installed in order to receive a discount on their property insurance.

What many insurance companies fail to tell their customers is that they only cover damage that affects how the roof performs, such as missing shingles on a ridge cap that result in leaks. Cosmetic damage such as dings or dents in the shingle's surface might not be covered if there are no resulting leaks.

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An additional endorsement is needed on the policy to cover cosmetic damage, and the cost of this endorsement could easily offset any savings.

Impact resistant roofs are naturally more desirable in areas that frequently experience hail. That doesn't mean that people in other areas cannot benefit from them, because there is also some evidence that shows they also stand up better during periods of heavy winds. As such, homeowners who are primarily concerned with wind damage may want to consider them as well.

Roofs containing Class 4 shingles may also last longer than others. That's because these shingles are less likely to curl up and crack during a storm. While they may curl up initially, they tend to unfold and move right back into place once the wind settles down. Their flexible nature can allow them to remain effective up to 10 percent longer in some cases.

When deciding whether or not an impact resistant roof is appropriate, homeowners should consider the cost of the roof, the likelihood of storm damage, and the amount of discount they might receive on their homeowners insurance. The amount of time one plans to remain in the home will be a factor as well. Only after comparing estimates on the different types of roofs with several different contractors can the right decision be made.

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