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Many homeowners prefer to have skylights installed because they allow natural light to pour into the home, and many types feature screens that can be opened and closed to allow extra air circulation. Skylights can make the home feel more spacious and create a brighter atmosphere. Like any other roofing fixture, however, they come with their own set of potential dilemmas. If leaks develop around the perimeter of the skylight, the result can be significant water damage to the interior of the home as well as rotting or mildew growth on the surrounding roofing materials. Homeowners that are experiencing leaky skylights are encouraged to contact a White Plains Roofing inspector immediately. Fixing the source of the problem in a timely manner can prevent major damage from occurring.

Identifying the source of a leaky skylight can be a challenge, especially for homeowners who do not have any prior roofing experience. While it might seem like an obvious first step to take, homeowners, after discovering a leak, should immediately double check to ensure that the skylight is completely closed. It is not uncommon for condensation to accumulate in the lower portion of the glass, which can pool on the floor underneath. This occurs most often in homes that are located in colder climates, in rooms that are not adequately ventilated and on skylights that only feature single glazed panels.

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If these two conditions are not present, homeowners should contact a roofing contractor. After they have identified the source of the leak, the repairing process itself might vary. In some cases, the skylight could be cracked in areas, and contractors can reseal it with silicone caulking to repair the cracks. A common source of skylight leaks is the flashing around it, which can become corroded or rusted over a period of time. The primary purpose of the flashing, which consists of thin metal sheets constructed with aluminum or galvanized steel, is to create a watertight seal in between the roof and the skylight. If the flashing is damaged in any way, the contractors will most likely replace it with brand new flashing, which could prove to be a relatively inexpensive process. They will add a layer of roofing cement in the gaps between the edges of the roofing and the flashing in order to prevent future leaks from developing. If some of the shingles surrounding the skylight are missing or damaged, the contractors will replace the damaged pieces as well, then reseal it with silicone caulking.

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