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When temperatures begin to increase, most people spend time indoors to escape the heat, but it is also important to protect the roof from the harsh weather and sun. By taking the right steps, a homeowner can prolong the life span of his or her structure and even keep the interior cool.

It's important to install shingles with white granules on the roof; this will be able to reflect the sun more effectively. On sunny days, black roofs often have a temperature that is 50 degrees warmer than the weather, making it important to have a professional White Plains roofing contractor install cooler shingles that do no absorb the heat.

Use single ply membranes to reduce the temperature on the structure with vinyl or plastic sheets that use solar reflective coatings on low sloping roofs. Single ply membranes are rolled out by a professional onto the roof before it's secured with chemical adhesives. For those who prefer a permanent solution that will last for several years, cool roof coating is an alternative to single ply membranes for improved solar reflectance. The coating can be sprayed, rolled, or painted on to ensure that it is applied effectively and lasts for several years.

Homeowners can also opt for having a metal roof installed to reduce the amount of heat on the top of their home.

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Metal roofs are one of the most reflective materials that can be used on steep roofs of buildings. The metal does not need to be painted or have solar technologies installed to reduce the amount of heat that it attracts. Homeowners can still choose to have factory white paint applied for an added cost.

Those who don't mind a little moisture on their property during the warm months of the year can install a roof misting cooling system that will lower the surface temperatures during the day. The system aims moisture across the structure of the roof before the water evaporates. Sensors are used in conjunction with the systems to determine the roof's current temperature and when the mist needs to be sprayed.

Although it can be difficult to escape the record breaking temperatures that seem to increase each year, there are a few steps to take to reduce how hot a roof becomes. By taking the necessary measures to have a reflective roof, homeowners will be able to protect the interior temperatures while prolonging the life of their roof's structure.

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