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White Plains Roofing: Article About Roof Care After A Bad Storm

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Damage to roofs during bad storms is a common occurrence, and replacing damaged shingles after a storm is something that White Plains roofing companies do all the time. Fortunately, most storm damage is surface damage that does not extend to the underlayment or structure, but homeowners should not underestimate the long term ramifications of surface damage. Water will always find a way, and surface damage can provide a path to the underlayment, which can lead to big repair costs.

Homeowners should perform a casual roof inspection as soon as the storm has subsided and there is daylight. If the storm subsides at night, wait until morning. A ladder can be used to get a closer look, but an easier way to inspect a roof is with a pair of binoculars. One should try to view the roof from every angle of the perimeter and be careful not to overlook obstructed areas. Homeowners can then scan the shingles for dents, tears and missing pieces and inspect all joints, including caulking and metal or rubber flashing.

Even if there are no signs of damage, an important roof maintenance step after a storm is to clean the roof and any attached systems.

A Roofing professional from Precision Roofing of White Plains NY can answer your questions about shingle replacement or gutters.

Homeowners should clean out gutters and ensure that flow through the downspouts is unimpeded. It's crucial to make sure that there are no debris piles in corners or flat areas of the roof. One should never leave a large branch or other foreign object on the roof just to blow off eventually. Homeowners who do not feel comfortable removing these objects themselves should call a professional.

If there are visible signs of damage, then the homeowner should contact the insurance company that holds the home policy immediately. Most insurance companies offer an emergency number. If the damage appears severe, this should be made clear to the representative. Insurance companies will usually schedule an appraiser as soon as possible, but it can also be helpful to schedule an independent estimate as well. Many times, a roofing company can help expedite the process with the insurance company.

Repairing roof damage is a good time to consider a new roof. Insurance companies are actually in favor of replacing over repairing more often than many people think because it lowers their costs over the long term. If the roof is more than 20 years old, or if there have been other signs of the roof wearing out, then re roofing rather than repairing can be more cost effective for the homeowner in the long run as well.

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