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At first glance, a roof is an overlapped surface of asphalt shingles. However, all roofs have a logical and scientific background to their design. Their main purpose is to protect the home from water damage. When homeowners hire White Plains roofing professionals, they can explain all roofing components and their particular installation orientation. Even one misaligned component compared to another can create leaks into the structure.

The majority of roofs have some slope to their structure. This slope can be steep or very gradual across the rooftop. In snow prone areas, for instance, steep slope roofs are used so that all icy debris can fall to the ground safely. Homeowners with flat or low slope roofs should be aware of continual maintenance needs, especially accumulated natural debris. Because the slope is limited, tree debris and other items cannot fall off the roof easily. Cleaning the roof is a frequent job on low slope structures compared to steep slope designs.

Roof ridges are also referred to as peaks. They are the topmost connection points for opposite roof sides. These ridges must be covered precisely with stacked shingles. If any cracks or crevices arise along the ridge, moisture can easily seep into the wood structure below. Contractors usually create shingle ridge caps along these peaks, effectively moving water to either side of the roof.

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Ridge caps must extend down the entire peak to the eaves for complete structural protection.

Roof valleys are low point connections for different roof slopes. Although shingles can be used up to the valley's curvature, contractors usually install flashing extensively within this area. Valleys are drainage routes for all rainwater. Although shingles are strong, flashing provides extra protection against roof moisture leaks. Water moves out to the gutter system without backing up onto the roof when flashing is properly installed.

Penetrations across the roof include skylights, vents, pipes and chimneys. These items must be surrounded by flashing to protect their connection points. Any breaks in the shingle installation pose possible leak threats. Flashing pressed between the roof surface and penetration keeps water moving off the structure to the ground.

Roofers must take all components into consideration when estimating a repair or replacement project, including appropriate venting at the soffits and ridges. When a quote is offered, homeowners are welcome to ask as many questions as possible to understand the details. Homeowners with a strong understanding of their own roof can be on the lookout for any anomalies that warrant a professional's visit. Major repairs can be avoided with residents' observant and educated minds.

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