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White Plains Roofing: Article About Solar Shingles Vs. Solar Panels

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Solar panels have long adorned the roofs of homes, offering homeowners an additional source of clean energy. More recently, solar shingles have appeared on the market, providing a slightly different arrangement for harnessing the sun's power. Whether one decides to install solar shingles or solar panels depends on several panels. Most reputable White Plains roofing experts can offer assistance as homeowners choose between the two options. However, it's still a good idea for consumers to spend a little extra time learning about the distinctions between the two technologies.

Solar panels are fairly well established technology, first used on satellites and then adapted for commercial and residential use. As such, the technology has had ample time to develop. In essence, solar panels are flat structures that mount on top of the roof. The installation can be somewhat involved, usually taking longer than tiling a typical roof. Since solar panels are separate units from the roof itself, they can be used on roofs of all kinds. Since they are mounted on top of the roof, they are also more visible than solar tiles. As such, some detractors find them less aesthetically appealing.

As the name suggests, solar tiles are roof tiles that contain solar cells. They were developed more recently than solar panels, first put in use in 2011 in Colorado.

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Since solar shingles replace standard roofing tiles, they do not require an extra installation project. By some estimates, installing solar tiles takes only two thirds of the time it takes to install the panels. However, adding solar tiles to a home does require a complete reroofing project. Since solar shingles are a structural element of the roof itself, they cannot be used on every type of roof. Their seamless design is widely credited as having a more aesthetic profile and better withstanding heavy wind conditions. Because solar shingles are a newer form of technology, their pricing is still often higher than that of solar panels.

Both solar panels and solar shingles offer homeowners the chance to rely on their own source of clean and affordable energy. By many estimates, the upfront costs can be recouped relatively quickly through lower energy costs. Since solar panels and solar shingles vary structurally, different homeowners may find different alternatives most appropriate for their homes. In addition, the actual solar technology can vary between models and change quickly over time. For the fullest understanding of the options available in your area, it's well worth consulting with a qualified roofing professional.

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