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White Plains Roofing: Article About The Post Storm Roof Inspection

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As any roofing professional can attest, the more often homeowners check on their roof's condition, the more likely they are to catch damage early on. When it comes to repairing a leaky roof, weeks, days and even hours can make a significant difference to minimizing the extent of the damage. In addition to regular professional inspections, homeowners should perform their own visual roof inspections immediately following any extreme weather events. Storms, especially those with high winds or hail, can be particularly damaging to roofs, making it imperative to do visual checks immediately afterwards. Many White Plains roofing contractors can attest that when damage from severe weather goes unchecked, it often leads to increasingly serious roofing issues.

After the storm has subsided and it's safe to walk around outside, take a walk during sunlight hours around the perimeter of the home. Look at the roof gutters as well as the roof, itself. If it's difficult to see areas of the roof clearly, set up a ladder on stable ground close to the roof and survey the roof from atop the ladder. On the other hand, in most cases, it's advisable to leave any climbing on top of the roof to the professionals.

During an inspection, look for any irregularities in roofing tiles or shingles. If there has been a hailstorm, keep an eye out for a scoured appearance.

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In the case of a storm with high winds or driving rain, check that none of the shingles have slid out of place or broken. Depending on roofing material, different types of damage are more likely. For example, slate roofs are among the most resilient and long lasting of all roofing materials. However, they are also highly brittle, meaning that hailstones, for example, can exact extreme damage. Check, too, for any debris on the roof. For larger kinds of debris, including sitting snowdrifts, consider hiring a competent professional to remove the debris. Otherwise, the excess weight can further damage the roof structure.

In addition to a visual inspection from outdoors, it's a good idea to check for any signs of leakage from inside the attic or crawlspace. During daylight hours, bring a flashlight into the attic and look for any signs of moisture. Turn off the flashlight and any interior lighting and look for any places along the interior of the roof where light is streaming through.

In many cases, roofs are destroyed not by one serious storm, but by the incremental worsening over time that starts with a small bit of damage. To stop leaks and structural problems before they get out of hand, it's important to remain vigilant, particularly after storms.

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