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The roof is perhaps the most critical element of any building, so making sure that the roof is in good condition is vital to any home's overall condition. Various type of roofing warranties help protect homeowners against the considerable expenses incurred due to defects in their roofs or mistakes in the roof's installation. However, as with most warranties, there are certain circumstances that the assurance does not cover. It would be inadvisable to blindly assume that any warranty offers the same protection. Instead, it's important to give some attention to the specific language used in each roofing warranty.

Most White Plains roofing contractors offer some form of a warranty when they install a new roof. In essence, there are two main types of warranties: those that come from the manufacturer and those provided by the contractor. Each kind can vary widely in it duration and scope.

Manufacturers' warranties primarily protect the consumer from any problems in the materials themselves. In other words, this warranty offers compensation if the roof suffers damage due to defects in the shingles, flashing or other roofing elements, themselves. Contractors' warranties, on the other hand, typically cover the roof installation.

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Therefore, if the roof fails due to improper construction techniques, the contractor will be liable to cover any expenses of repair or replacement.

Since each warranty covers different circumstances, it's desirable and often possible to secure both kinds of warranty on a new roof. Likewise, even if a contractor makes a small repair to a home's roofing, it's advisable to obtain a contractor's warranty to ensure the job is carried out correctly.

One of the first conditions of the warranty to consider is its timeframe. Many warranties that claim to be "lifetime" are typically limited to the period during which the homeowner remains in the home, and are not transferable to new occupants. Other manufacturers' warranties are designed in relationship to the average lifespan of the materials themselves.

In the case of contractors' warranties, it's equally important to check the terms of the agreement. In addition, it's particularly important to look over the contractors' reputation. If the business folds within a few years, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of the warranty, however generous its terms may be.

Finally, perhaps the most overlooked and critical element of a roofing warranty involves the homeowners' responsibilities. In order for any claims to be made, warranties typically require that the homeowner appropriately maintain the roof. This expectation usually involves twice yearly roof inspections and prompt inspections if any problems are found.

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